Learn how to build, grow and scale your TikTok account for your business to bring new customers straight to you

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We've built a dedicated discord server full of entrepreneurs and business owners just like yourself. Here you can network, build business relationships and grow together

Get Coaching Calls

Every day at 6pm UK time we have a group coaching call. Jump on, ask your questions and get tailored help from our support team. Whether it's to cancel your subscription, get a refund or guidance on growing your account

Access The Course

Get access to 3 separate courses that will give you everything you need to grow and scale your social media accounts for your business.

Discord Server

With over 60 separate channels to chat with other members, our support team and even play games with other people in the community.

Inside the server you will find all 3 different courses we offer that will help you grow and scale your business on TikTok.

Cancel Anytime

This program is designed for you to come and go as you please. There are no fixed contracts, all you have to do to cancel is head to the 'cancel membership' channel and click open a ticket. Alternatively you can automatically cancel your account inside your whop account at checkout. If both of those methods don't work, please reach out to us on matthew@apexacquisition.io or go to the contact us page at the bottom.

What Do You Get?

This is a $50 subscription to access a mentorship program and course hosted in Discord. You can get started with a FREE 14 day trial to see if you like it first.

As soon as you checkout and buy, your 14 day trial begins. But that's ok, you can cancel and opt out at any point!

Volume Of Prospecting

We’ll audit your entire business and identify exactly what it is that's preventing you from hitting your goals, then implement a high volume strategy that hits your market daily with your offer.

Automated Prospecting

No agent wants to knock doors or cold call 24/7 which is why our Apex system allows you do prospect thousands of homeowners without doing anything yourself

Infinite Scale Potential

There is no limit to how quickly we can scale your campaigns. Each agent typically gets their first listing appointment within 24 hours of launching and on average 12 per month

You're In Safe Hands

We've already helped over 1000+ real estate agents scale and grow their business in the last 7 years with our system. Below are just a select few, perhaps you recognise some!

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